Alcantud Arganda del Rey


Alcantud is a little community in the center of the Spain, around 100 km away from Madrid. Our trip is a mix of secondary roads and off road paths.


Starting from Arganda del Rey you will drive until Valdilecha. Once you get there, you continue driving until you cross Mondejar, another small villages with not so many habitants.


Following Pastrana direction and later Sacedòn, you will find the “Embalse de Entrepenas”, a “tank” of water, part of the called Sea of Castilla. It’s a nice place where to spend some hours, especially in summer when the temperature in this area rise up to 35 degrees.

The end of this track is Alcantud, but if you have time, not too far, around 70 kilometers, you can visit the natural park of Serrania de Cuenca, a magical place with amazing landscapes, a lot of small villages where it seems the time has stopped.

View 70%
Difficult 40%
Effort 45%
Wild Feelings 75%

Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.

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