Alcorisa Brihuega

From Alcorisa to Brihuega

It’s a 330 km track between Aragon and Castilla la Mancha comunity 80% on road 20% off road.


Starting point of this track is Alcorisa a tiny village where there are so much things to see.


It is a mix of secondary roads and few off roads parts that are not difficult unless in rain season. Took me around 9 hours riding to get to Brihuega which is a little city near by Guadalajara around 80 km from the capital Madrid.

Half way from Brihuega, precisely in Molina de Aragon if you are interested i recommend a stop by the Museum of the city.

It’s a little Museum but is full of cool stuff ex prehistoric things, minerals etc.

View 70%
Difficult 40%
Effort 45%
Wild Feelings 70%

Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.

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