Appennino Tosco-Emiliano



The Appennino Tosco-Emiliano  includes some of the highest peaks of the Northern Apennines and divide the region of Emilia Romagna to Toscana.

Sarting point of this route is the city of Maranello where you can stop at the Ferrari Museum and see some beautiful cars.

After the Museum I headed direction Sestola following some really nice roads with no traffic at all. I took a off road track about 30 km long that reach a pass called Croce Arcana, is a beautiful area where I recommend to stop for a while andenjoy nature.



This route into the Appeninno is about 300km long and combine asphalt 70% and gravel roads 30%.

It could be a good escape for a couple of days from the traffic of the big cities, and for sure once you see some beautiful and peaceful landascapes you want to discover more about this area.

View 80%
Difficult 30%
Effort 45%
Wild Feeling 70%

Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.

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