Aranjuez to Mora


This is a 120km Track that Starts in Aranjuez and end In Mora, and is mostly on gravel roads.

Starting from Point is in Aranjuez, a little city just on the boarder between Madrid and Castilla la Mancha comunity.

The first part of the track from Aranjuez to Ocaña is about 30 km long  on great and easy tracks where is easy to find cyclist or Tractors working on the fields so don’t speed to fast event tho is the tracks permits you to test you ability on the conduction.

Once you get to Ocaña there is a about  20 km part on asphalt then,  hitting again gravel you will croos a beautiful track direction Embalse de El Castro.

After that you will get to the city of Mora

On the last 20 km of this track you will pass just next to the Embalse Finisterre which is  another reservoir of water where I recommend to stop for enjoy the vievs and the peace for a while.

After  this last part you will get on asphalt again and easily you can drive direction to Toledo or Madrid.

Took me around 3.5 hours to complete this track but is going to be even better  if you take it slow and enjoy the view that this comunity has to offer.


View 70%
Difficult 40%
Effort 45%
Wild Feelings 75%

Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.

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