Barkbuster Handguards


Why hand guards? first of all, if you drive in off-road this element will be very important to protech your hand from tree branches or stones that the motorbike in front of you could shot to you.

Secondary function is in the cold season hand guards offer you a protection from the cold wind, and if you don’t have this you really feel the difference.


We tried few different types of hanguards so far, but during off roads can happens that you drop the bike and every time the first things that got broke was or the handguards or even worst the lever.

We have decided to buy Barkbusters VPS handguards model and we must say that we are impressed about how solid they are.

The backbone is made by alluminum and this gives you confidence that even you hit the ground or something your levers and your fingers will be safe. The shield is in plastic material and in case of you damaged it you could buy just this part instead of all.

VPS handguards give you also a good protection and if you are using heated grips you will notice the difference.