Capanne del Marcarolo – Montoggio



The Natural Park of: “Capanne del Marcarolo” is a natural area located between Piemonte and Liguria.

It’s the most extensive green area of the City of Genova and it’s a wild area where you can also enjoy beautiful walks and admire gorgeous landscapes.

The track starts in Alessandria, then following secondary roads you will reach the village of Voltaggio that is just next to the natural park of Capanne del Marcarolo.

Once in the park you will cruise it with direction Campo Ligure, this part was on gravel roads, really enjoyable part but don’t speed because is more thant possible to find people walking or cycling along the way.

The end of the track is in Mele which is a village just a few kilometers from the sea.

View 80%
Difficult 20%
Effort 25%
Wild Feelings 60%

Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.

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