El Atazar Valdepeñas De La Sierra


It’s a track that starts in the village of El Atazar which is a beautiful municipality of community of Madrid just about 50 km north east from the center of the city.


From the village you have to take the ‘Camino Robledillo’ until Robledillo de la Jara, after follow the M-127 and then the M-126 direction Buitrago del Lozoya, this part is on asphalt in really beautiful mountains streets.
After Buitrago I followed direction Braojos to end up in La Acebada another small village in the middle of nature, the part is around 30km long of good sections of gravel road, there is just a part that is a bit challenging, we recommend to make it at least in two bikes so you can help in case of emergency.


Once in La Acebada I hit the asphalt again for about 30 km to arrive to the village of la Hiruela where I took a beautiful road in the middle of the forest that lead me before to the village of la Vereda then to El Vado.
After El Vado I didn’t cruse the bridge and I took the only street possible for about 3km and then I cruised the mountain driving on another gorgeous track about 30km long until the finish point which is in the village of Valdepeñas de la Sierra.

It’s about 150km route 60% of it off road, is not difficult at all apart of a couple of passage. We recommend to make it at least in two people.

View 80%
Difficult 40%
Effort 50%
Wild Feelings 80%

Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.

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