Exan X-GP Exaust


Exhaust are for the bikers like candies for children, we want for sure to be as legal as possible when we hit the road but also we want to enjoy such a melody that come’s out from our bikes.


We have changed the original exhaust on the xt660z first because was something like 10kg heavy and also because we needed to fit a tool tube where to store part of the emergency equipment somewhere on the bike.

There are many brands out there that offers you the possibility to switch from  a big signle exhaust as the original to a double or a small one.

I choose Exan because the price around 350€ was unbeatable compared to the others brands.

The Exan X-GP is a light approx. 2kg Exhaust made by Aluminium or Titanium you can chhose the material you prefer, gives a better look and sound to the bike and most important leaves you a big space underneath the seat where to store a tool tube or whatever you need to carry always on your bike.

Is also CEE approved for road use