From Alps to Westernmost Point of European Continent


With this tour you can reach the westernmost point of european continent in 7 days.

This trip is for the 70% highway and 30% secondary roads with curves, less traffic and good views.


first day: From Varese to Verdon Gorge

second day: FromVerdon Gorge to LLoret de Mar

third day: From Lloret de Mar to  Barcelona

fourth day: From Barcelona to Madrid

fifth day: From Madrid to Caceres

sixth day: From Caceres to Cabo de Roca

seventh day: From Cabo de Roca to Cabo de Sao Vicente

Starting the trip from Varese our first check point was Verdon Gorge, we had no time to spend in the secondary road so we went straight by the highway direction Torino.

During the driving to Briançon our Supertenerè has the knowed carburetion problems when we were at 1900 meters altitude, but nothing that could stop our trip.

Once in France we found a fruit stall along the way to Digne-les Bains, that was a good opportunity for have snack.

In Verdon Gorge we suggest to spend a couple of days if you have time, you can enjoy a lot of nature with bicycle or canoeing. In this area i can find a lot of camping, watch out cause in Agust most of all are busy.

The second day, during the driving to Lloret de Mar, our tips is to drive on “Autovia” that are very similar to the “Autopista” but are free. With a good gear you can arrive in 5 hours.

We decided to spend the night there having a little bit of relax and visit the city.

From Lloret de Mar to Barcelona was less then 1 hour en half, so you can stop there and visiting also this city, as we did, or you can go further to Madrid.



The way to Madrid was nothing too exciting, from Barcelona we headed direction Zaragoza firs and then continuing on Autovia with destination Madrid.

This was around 600km drive so if you don’t want do arrive in Madrid too late in the afternoon we suggest to start early in the morning,  also because of the temperatures that in summer time go up over 40 degree.

From Madrid to Sierra de Gredos we follow the direction “Pasaje Hozos del Espino” that is a secondary road without any traffic.


Sierra de Gredos is in the central Spain and is one of the most extended mountain ranges, the highest peak reach almost 2’600 meter altitude.

During our driving we has no met a lot of people along the way, so we reccomend to take with you all the necessary for solve problems that could happen by yourself.


We continue our trip to the city of Plasencia and we arrive in Càceres, this fifth day is around 400 km of secondary road in 6 hours.

After visit the stunning city of Caceres we were ready to finally get to Cabo de la Roca.

We headed west direction to the Naural Park of Serra de Sao Mamade, which is a beautul place where to enjoy nature. Then following secondary roads we finally get to Lisbon.  Just 50km away from the city you will arrive to Cabo da Roca our final destination,  is in the Natural Park of Sintra which we recommend to stop and explore because is a stunning place with amazing views over castles and the ocean.

After reaching our final destination for the trip we still had about ten day before coming back home so we decided to explore a bit all the south part of Portugal called Algarve and we spent a couple of days in Faro, a beautiful village in the southernmost point of Portugal.

Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.