Givi outback 42


Top case is that kind of element coul be really precious during your trips.

First of all you can put inside different stuff that you could need when you are far away from home and could contain your helmet during yours breaks; is really appreciate also if you carry another person on your motorbike, especially if he/she don’t like so much travel by motorbike, it could give a comfort that could stop the complain.


We chose Givi outback 42 litres beacasue is a good mix between comfort and capacity; it could contain one helemt or two jet helmets. The outside bars are really usefull for carry other stuff on it

Thanks to the pillows you can buy later, the passenger is really comfortable and has no hurt on his back. 

This top case is made by very good quality, is easy to mount and  you can quickly dismount if you don’t need it; during our off road trips we prefere don’t use it but when we have used we had no problems.

For mount it you have to chose the correct brackets for your motorbike.

Here the link for ebay

Here the link for ebay specific for crf1000+brackets and pillows