Guadalajara Humanes

From Guadalajara to Humanes

This track is approx. 200km, mostly in secondary and gravel roads, that will make you discover some beautiful places in Guadalajara province.

After Vinuelas I took GU marked road direction to Valdesotos which is a really nice village in the middle of nature, with about 20 habitants.


Starting point is Marchamalo, a town just outside of Guadalajara.

I took the CM-1002 direction to Vinuelas where there is a Petrol Station. I recommend to fill up your tank there because I haven’t seen any petrol station until the end of the route.

Then I took  a beautiful road with no traffic at all in the middle of amazing forest landscapes until I arrived at El Vado Dam, where under the water it’s hidden the homonymous village.

Before cruising the bridge I recommend to make a little detour to La Vereda which is one of the famous “black villages”. It is about 15km of really good off road to arrive there.

Is not a complicated road, just be careful because there is no barrier on the side of the road so if you miss a corner, could be a big problem. Just enjoy the views and take your time. There is no race! 

After El Vado I headed north, direction to Campillo de ranas and Majaelrayo, to end up in Cantalojas. There are no words to explain how beautiful this area is. The only way is discover it by yourself.

After Cantalojas is mostly secondary roads direction to Semillas, the last tract. Once you get there, you have two options: follow the CM street direction to Humanes or the way I did it. This is about 30km off road, that it was in my opinion the toughest part of the whole track. If you feel like challenging yourself, go for it! But if you are tired or feel already satisfied with your day, you can just follow the CM route direction to Humanes. This one is beautiful too.

View 90%
Difficult 40%
Effort 45%
Wild Feelings 80%

Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.

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