Handle Bar Risers


Why risers? risers are really helpfull when you are driving by standing up; if you ride your bike for many our in off-road, not only your back will thanks you cause they give you a more natural posture that all your body will feel less tiredness and you can drive longer.

For tall pilots they are also helpfull during your sitting driving.


We have bought Accossato risers cause they are really simple and they do what you need. We saw other risers that are taller or that put the handle bar closed to the pilot but we don’t like so much. With this element you can rise your handle about 2 cm and you really feel the difference, we reccomand to do not rise too much otherwise you have to change different settings as cable brake/throttle, and you will have also less feeling of your motorbike.

During your shop check that is for 28mm handlebars as your motorbike needs.

Here the link for Amazon