Hepco & Becker crash bars


Why crash bars? for us have this element is really important, first of all they protect your motorbike not only the fairing but also some mechanical components that could be damaged after a fallen and as we use our motorbike is really easy fall down.

Other way to take advantage with crash bars is use for carry some extra bags that are useful expecially when you travel for long days, or another advantage with this optional is that your legs could be better protect from the wind and you will like it especially in the cold season.


Tenerè already comes with tank protection, but are made by plastic and they are not cheap when it comes to replace them, so we have decided to upgrade and we choose H&B.

Really tough construction material, these crash bars are fixed to the bike by 6 point that make them very strong and also protect all the side of the bike. The price is around 200 euro but especially if you are going to use your bike for off road we recommend to use this accessory.

It going to be helpful and also give you the possibilities to fix a couple of little bags on it to carry extra material you need on your journey.