Middle Europe Capitals Tour


With this tour you can visit part of the most important city of the central europe in 7 days.

The travel is for the 70% highway and 30% secondary roads with curves, less traffic and good view.

first day: From Varese to Nurnberg

second day: From Nurnberg to Berlin

third day: From Berlin to Praha

fourth day: From Praha to Vienna

fifth day: From Vienna to Salzburg

sixth day: From Salzburg to St. Gallen

seventh day: From St. Gallen to Varese

Starting the trip from Varese the first stop  is in a swiss gasoline station, for two reasons: cheaper fuel and buying the highway vignette.

The first day is not much exciting… six hours and almost 550 kilometers of highway, taking the attention to the swiss speeds limit and enjoying especially the hills of San Bernardino.

After a good relax and good beers the travel follow another highway’s day, with Berlin in our target. 450 kilometers done in less then 5 hours.

From Berlin to Praha usually the not good weather will be your partner but in 3 hours 40 minutes/350 kilometers we arrive in the city center.

As Germany in Czech Republic motorbikes don’t have to pay the highway.

The way to Wien is for the 80% highway but has a little tour to Klentnice, a little city in Czech Republic where we can take a breath of nature.

335kilometres done in less then 4 hours.

From Wien we could still go by the highway and be in less then three hours in Salzburg or we can enjoy this track that offers a beautiful landscapes that Osterreich offers.

From Salzburg to St. Gallen, with lunch break in Innsbruck and crossing the spectacular mountain backdrop of Silvretta.

Silvretta is a spectacular area  with a lot of curves and really good view, the only negative note is the cost of the access.

If you are a biker is obligatory fix a checkpoint here.

Once in St-Gallen, if you have time and energy, you can have a trip in Appenzello where you can breath Swiss essence or you can rest for the way back.

In this last part you can run back to home by the highway or you can enjoy  beautiful Swiss pass as San Bernardino Pass or Splügen Pass.


Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.