Oxford Heated Grips


Why heated grips? Well…for sure you will not need it during summer so it’s an element you only use during winter… that’s is incorrect, because it’s possible that in summer you go in some peaks pass and you really miss winter gloves and that’s why heated grips could help you, in couple of minutes your hand feel again good.

Logically their use during the cold season is a really pleasure !


We choosen Oxford because their universal model could fit different bike, you can easly demount and mount on different bike, they are little bit bigger then the originals grips but you will take used to it, and doesn’t give you any problems during off-road driving

The price is really competitive and they are really simple to mount, you can connect directly to your battery as the instruction recommand or mount it on power supply, as we do, and they work well without the risk you can leave it switched on.