Pyrenees and North of Spain


With this tour you can visit some beautiful Natural Parks and as well beautiful cities of the Iberian Peninsula

The travel is 100 % on secondary roads, not too many kilometers per day but roads condition and weather can make your day really long

first day:From Madrid to Zamora

second day: From Zamora to Muinos

third day: From Muinos to Vigo

fourth day: From Vigo to Viveiro

fifth day: From Vivero to Gijon

sixth day: From Gijon to Picos de Europa

seventh day: From Picos de Europa to Bilbao

eighth day: From Bilbao to San Sebastian

ninth day: From San Sebastian to Lourdes

tenth day: From Lourdes to Llivia

Starting from Madrid, we tried to get up and start early in the morning because of the temperatures.

Spain is very hot in summer and temperatures over 40 degree are usual

The first day after leaving the city and his traffic we headed west direction park of Sierra de Gredos, once there we’ve stopped for a coffee and then followed direction north to get to our first stop Zamora a really nice city in Castilla y Leon comunity.

We have done around 400 km in 8 hours 

We start from zamora direction Chaves going through the Natural Park do Douro it is a beautiful place, nice roads no traffic at all it was just perfect.

After reach Chaves a little city where we’ve stopped for petrol we dediced to get back to Spain to find a place where to sleep.

Around 300 km in 5 hours

We slept in a really good camping just next to the city of Ourense  so the next morning we were ready to get to Vigo which is a stunning city near by the ocean and about 100 km from the Portuguese boarder.

On our third night we decided to have a little treat, so we’ve stopped in Vigo to try his famous seafood and Ribeiro  wine.

The food and the city were so beautiful  we stopped there for the  night in a really nice hotel by the city centre. 

From Vigo we headed to Viveiro, with a break in Santiago de Compostela, we’ve done about 300km in 8 hours riding and enjoying views that this community has to offer.


In Santiago we just took it easy because of the hundreds and hundreds of people that were on the street, who by bicycle who by walking in company or others alone trying to reach Santiagothe checkpoint, it seems to me a magic atmosphere so i have decided sooner or later i’ll be part of it.

We arrived in Viviero late in the afternoon but no problem to find a camping

From Vivivero we headed east direction Taramundi that its a beautiful village in the middle of the mountains, welcome to Asturias!

We visited and explored as much as we could those days but seemed that every corner was magic every little village we passed we had to stop just for admire how beautiful and rich is this comunity.

Before to arrive in Bilbao a must stop is going to be Picos de Europa national park .

San Sebastian it’s a gorgeous city and it’s going to be impossible not to spend there at least 3 days..good weather but not too hot it is always windy, beutiful atmosphere and excellent food make this city be my paradise in Basque Country

After San Sebastian we decided to cross the Pyrenees so we took Lourdes an Llivia as point we must stop and just followed the streets that seems to us the more enjoyable 

From Lourdes to Llivia there are around 400 km, every meter was fantastic and took us almost 7 hours .

Looking Forward to discover more about Pyrenees.


Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.