San Sebastian De Los Reyes Circular


Starting point is San Sebastian De Los Reyes, it’s a city about 20 km north from Madrid.

This is a approx. 160km  on road trip going through a little part of  the stunning Sierra de Madrid

From the starting point you have to take before the M111 and then the M117 direction El Casar, once there following north the CM111 and the CU 202  with direction Patones.

Patones is a Spanish municipality of the Madrid comunity and it’s a situated part on the valley just next to the river Jarama and the upper part called Patones de Arriba is situated on the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

In Patones de Arriba i reccomend to stop and admire a such nice 15th century village that nowdays it basically full of restaurants and rural hotels where to spend some times in contact with nature.

It’s also good place for walking and bikes because it’s sourraunded by nature.

You can’t get into Patone de arriba with your bike unless you dont ask to the thow hall which is in the Valley part.

After Patones you will reach before the Altazar Dam that is the bigger Dam in all the comunity of Madrid and then the village of El Altazar which is situated just next to the dam and it’s around 1000mt above the sea.

Beautiful and peaceful mountains landscapes that will make you forget you are just 80km away from one of the biggest metropolity of Europe.

You will pass Robledillo De La Jara, El berrueco,Colemar Viejo and Tres Cantos.

the track will finish in San Sebastian De Los Reyes where it’s easy to get the Autovia to get to the city.

View 80%
Difficult 10%
Effort 20%
Wild Feelings 50%

Please respect the traffic laws and road signs, we are not responsable for your violations.

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