Tom Tom 410 Great Rides Edition


Gps and bikers are not ‘friends’ as we thought, during our trips many time we spoke with bikers that instead of’ being controlled by the unit’  prefer just go where the wind will bring them.

We like this romantic idea, a lot, but as we have normal lives with jobs and everything we think that a GPS unit or even a normal smartphone with maps can make your journey much more easy.

After all you can always choose to keep it off and then use it just when it comes helpful.

We always keep a paper map of the place we are that is definitely the best backup plan. 

Here’s what we use during our trip and our thoughts  about it


We have decided to buy this unit instead of others on the market essentially because of the big range of maps that comes with it.

The TomTom 410 comes with lifetime maps of most of the planet, and this version in particular has preloaded 100 greats routes all around Europe.

There is a Software through which by the laptop you can create your route or if you just want to go someplace without  planning to much you can always by the unit plan the most exciting route choosing elevation and level of curves.

For the Off Road use is not good as some Garmin devices ex. montana but as all in one device we think is great.

You can connect your mobile and your  interphone on it and it comes with a really strong Ram Mounts to attack it on you bike.

The price is around 350€ 

Here the amazon link for the new tomtom rider 550.