Tyres Tested by Us


Choose the right tyre is probably one of the most important things every rider should do considering the use that gives to the bike.

Here’s you can see all the tyres we’ve tested so far and what we think about them.


Sold as a dual sport purpose tyre we think os more a 60 on 40 off road kind of tyre.

We haven’t feel a great grip during off roads but it’s going to be a great choice if you use the bike mostly on road as they as a great grip and also a long kilometres life.

It is also very good in wet condition and compared to more 50 50 tyres is not noisy at all.


Compared with the others we have tried these are for sure the right choice if you want to use the bike on the asphalt.

It’s a great tire when it comes to stability and on road grip, is also really god in wet condition and another great thing is that this tire last forever.

We’ve personally done more than 16000 kms on it and when we’ve changed it  still has few kilometres on it.

In off road condition as for sure you already know we dont recommend it but if sometimes you take your bike for lights off road simply it will work fine, don’t expect any kind of grip tho.


Sold as a 50 50 purpose tire, offers you a really good grip both on asphalt and gravel, great km’s  resistance and reliability.

After testing it we feel is a little bit more noisy compared to the metzeler tourance on highways.

Good grip also on wet road, we believe this is a tire that will fit the necessity of most of the riders that use the big dual sport bikes in almost any situation. really recommended tire by us.


Sold as a dual purpose tyre we must say it works fantastic.

A good grip on asphalt that will make you forget you are cruising with a real off road tyre even if you don’t have to expect anything special it just works fine, gives you confidence and also in wet condition if you are gentle with the trottle it’ll work.

In off road condition so far we think this is the best tyre we’ve tested, it has a great grip on basically all the conditions and also in hardcore mud works fine.

We believe this is a real dual sport tyre that can go on highways and mud tracks, don’t expect to make 10000 kms from it but if your next trip will be not more thank 5000 km and you are going to hit gravel many times well this tyre will make everything a little bit easier.