Verdon Gorge


Gorges du Verdon are located in the south part of France precisely in Provence region.

It is a 200 km approximately route that cruise all The Natural Park, took approx 6 hours to us for make this route.

We recommend  to stop by the Artificial Lake Sainte Croix Du Verdon and if its summer time you can go swim or kayak or if you are into climbing i believe this could be kind of a paradise.

The Verdon Gorges track it is a mix of secondary roads and will make you discover part of the beautis that this place has to offer.

The route we have followed starts in Aix-en-Provence and end in Saint Julienne du Verdon.

Beautiful turquoise water amazing landscapes and beautiful colors especially during sunset make this place for sure one of the most spectacular you can visit.

Gorges du Verdon it’s a river canyon, the deepest in Europe and also it’s considered the most beautiful in this continent; the Canyon it’s about 30km long and was made by the Verdon river and can reach 700 meters of deep.

View 80%
Difficult 30%
Effort 30%
Wild Feelings 90%

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